Spotsylvania wineries

Spotsylvania County, Virginia, renowned for its deep historical roots, also flourishes as a burgeoning wine region. Established in 1721 and playing a significant role in the Civil War, Spotsylvania presents a rich historical backdrop.

In recent years, this storied past has intertwined with the art of winemaking, establishing exceptional wineries amidst its picturesque landscapes. Today, these vineyards offer the unique experience of savoring exquisite wines while immersing oneself in the enduring legacy of Spotsylvania.


Nestled in the heart of Spotsylvania’s verdant landscapes, Wilderness Run Vineyards seamlessly blends eco-friendly farming practices with crafting refined wines. As you wander amidst the vines, you can feel the vineyard’s commitment to nature and enjoy its varied range of wines.

Their commitment to sustainable viticulture echoes through every glass, offering a harmonious fusion of Spotsylvania’s history and a modern vineyard experience.


In operation since 1985, Lake Anna Winery welcomes you to become part of their family tradition. Each bottle of wine captures the essence of the Heidig family’s dedication and love for viticulture.

The winery is situated near the beautiful Lake Anna and creates a captivating backdrop for wine tasting. Visitors can sip on delectable wines, explore the vineyard, and experience the warm familial atmosphere defining Lake Anna Winery.

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Mattaponi Winery stands as a beacon of innovative winemaking. By blending traditional winemaking techniques with creative experimentation, the winery produces a unique range of award-winning wines from native and hybrid grapes.

Stepping into this family-owned vineyard, you can savor a glass of their signature wine, enveloped in the serene ambiance and warm hospitality.


Offering a cornucopia of enriching experiences, Bacchus Winery is a wine lover’s paradise. Alongside their selection of robust wines, the winery takes the tasting experience a notch higher by offering insightful winemaking classes. With a helpful and knowledgeable staff, Bacchus Winery provides an unforgettable journey into the fascinating world of viticulture.


Living up to its evocative name, Eden Try Winery creates an idyllic retreat for you. Nestled in a breathtaking estate, this winery is celebrated for its handcrafted wines and mesmerizing event spaces. Here, you can relax in their tranquil settings, glass in hand, while appreciating the fruits of meticulous winemaking.


A vibrant wine culture beautifully complements Spotsylvania’s depth of historical significance. Each winery, from Wilderness Run Vineyards’ eco-friendly approach to the innovative techniques of Mattaponi Winery, offers a unique perspective on Spotsylvania’s rich viticultural scene.

The fusion of time-honored traditions and innovative practices makes exploring these wineries a delightful adventure, leaving visitors with cherished memories and a refined palate.

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