Can I remove wildlife from my property on my own?

Removing wildlife from one’s property is often overlooked, yet it is of utmost importance for the safety and well-being of humans and animals. Whether it’s raccoons toppling your trash cans over looking for food, squirrels building nests in your attic, or snakes slithering past your doorway, wildlife encounters can pose various risks and challenges.

If you’d like to get rid of nuisance wildlife from your property, recruit the help of a professional wildlife removal expert like Advanced Wildlife Removal.


rying to remove wildlife from your property yourself carries a lot of physical and health risks. Wildlife, especially when cornered or threatened, can become aggressive and threaten your safety. For instance, removing a raccoon from your attic without proper knowledge and equipment can result in bites or scratches, potentially exposing you to diseases such as rabies.

Learn the dangers of DIY wildlife removal.

Moreover, there are legal implications associated with removing wildlife without professional assistance. Many animal species are protected by federal and state laws and regulations, and DIY removal can lead to hefty fines or legal consequences. Professional wildlife removal services are well-versed in these regulations and ensure the removal process complies with the law.

Professional wildlife removal services also prioritize the safety of both humans and animals. They have the expertise to handle wildlife encounters without causing harm to the animals or risking injury to themselves or others. By using humane and ethical methods, such as live trapping and relocation, professionals can ensure that the wildlife is safely removed and released back into its natural habitat.


Understanding wildlife behavior is crucial in determining the best approach for removal. Each species has unique habits and tendencies, and knowing these can help devise effective strategies. For example, raccoons are nocturnal creatures attracted to food sources, so removing their access to food can discourage them from visiting your property.

However, common misconceptions about wildlife behavior can lead to ineffective removal attempts. One such misconception is that all snakes are venomous and should be killed on sight. In reality, most snakes are harmless and vital in controlling rodent populations.

Knowing the habits of wildlife can also prevent future infestations. For instance, sealing cracks and crevices around your house and using tight-fitting lids on outdoor garbage cans can deter animals such as raccoons from entering your property.


Several key factors are considered when assessing the presence of wildlife on your property. First, identify the type of animal and the extent of the infestation. Then, assess how much damage has been caused and whether any health risks exist. Once these steps have been completed, you can determine the appropriate action.

If the infestation is minimal and no health risks are present, attempting removal on your own may be reasonable. However, if the situation is more complex or significant health risks are involved, professional help should be sought. Professional wildlife removal companies are experienced in dealing with a range of animals and can ensure that the infestation is handled safely and humanely.


After removing the wildlife, it’s important to prevent future infestations. Professional wildlife removal companies can provide advice on how to keep animals away from your property. This may include installing fencing around the perimeter of your property, using animal-resistant materials for construction, and relocating bird feeders away from possible entry points.

In addition to physical prevention measures, it’s also important to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene. This means keeping outdoor areas free of food waste and other potential wildlife attractants.


Although you may be tempted to handle the removal process yourself, knowing the risks associated with this course of action is important. Attempting to remove wildlife without proper equipment or training can put you at risk of injury and harm to the animal. Therefore, it’s best to seek help from experienced professionals with the knowledge and tools to safely and humanely carry out the removal.

Wildlife removal experts are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of infestations and can help you find the best solution for your particular situation. They can advise how to make your property less attractive to wildlife and implement a long-term prevention plan.


Wildlife removal experts are experienced in handling wild animals on your property and can help you find the best solution. They can advise how to make your property less attractive to wildlife and implement a long-term prevention plan. Furthermore, they will ensure that any removal process is done safely and according to the laws and rules.

Professional wildlife removal services like Advanced Wildlife Removal are also cost-effective compared to attempting to remove the wildlife yourself. This means you will save money in the long run and ensure that the problem is handled correctly from start to finish.

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